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Beacon @ KAUST

Aparna, Jee, and Rich are at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia this weekend. Well, it’s a work-week for the Saudis. We are presenting and schmoozing with a full slate of amazing attendees of the [Scalable Hierarchical Algorithms for eXtreme Computing] (SHAX-C) workshop. UPDATE: Rich’s talk slides are available [here].

DOE X-PI ’12

This week, Aparna and Rich are at the US Department of Energy-sponsored Exascale Research Conference in Portland, Oregon. UPDATE: See Rich’s position talk slides [here].

PRACE Future Tech ’12

Jeff Vetter (ORNL/GT) and Rich are invited speakers this week at the PRACE-1IP WP9 Future Technologies Workshop in Daresbury, United Kingdom. Rich is presenting the co-design theory that Kent has been developing. UPDATE: See Rich’s slides on Kent’s co-design work [here].


Taking in the view at ICERM (Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics), just before the start of a meeting on exascale algorithms, architectures, and programming [www]. I (Rich) gave a talk on Kent’s preliminary work that is developing a power- and area-constrained model for co-designing algorithms and architectures. Never before have I heard references to work done “30 years ago” than at this meeting, at which very talented, experienced, and knowledgeable computational scientists abound.

Talk @ CMU

Rich is in drizzly Pittsburgh today visiting a number of great faculty and students at CMU, including members of the amazing SPIRAL team! He’ll also be giving the ECE Seminar a little later today. Can someone please explain the Pittsburgh Left, he asks?

Exascale PI Meeting

Rich is in Annapolis attending an DOE Exascale PI Meeting. Slides for this event will be posted on the meeting website: [www]

CScADS Autotuning ’11

Rich is in Tahoe this week at the DOE CScADS Workshop on Libraries and Autotuning for Extreme-Scale Systems. The slides are being posted as the meeting progresses; you can follow the agenda here.

UPDATE: Slides for my talk posted here: [PDF]

DOE ASCR Exascale Programming Challenges

Rich is attending the DOE-ASCR Workshop on Exascale Programming Challenges, a discussion-focused pow-wow among programming model luminaries, focused on sorting out what may (or may not?) need to change in order to help build and maintain scalable applications for the machines expected to appear in the 2018-2020 timeframe.


Rich is back from the 2011 SIAM International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) [@ICIAM2011]. Never before have so many applied math nerds been in one place! Rich spoke in the four-part Minisymposium on Creating the Next-Generation of High-Performance Numerical Computing Capabilities (Parts I, II, III, and IV), which featured a diverse peek into a future of sophisticated, composable, scalable, and automatically generated and tuned code for scientific simulation. For Rich’s talk slides on Concurrent Collections (CnC) for HPC, click here: [PDF]


The lab is in Hamburg this week for ISC’11. Watch our tumblr log (hpcgarage.tumblr.com) for updates. UPDATE: Rich’s talk slides on “Balance principles for algorithm-architecture co-design” are available here (PDF).