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ISC’12 + EIHECS’12

Rich is in Germany this week giving invited talks at ISC’12 (Hamburg) and EIHECS’12 (Erlangen) on our theoretical co-design work. The big news at the meeting in Hamburg is the latest Top500 list, which IBM’s Blue Gene/Q machine dominates this year. However, Germany’s SuperMUC system is also making a big splash. The meeting in Erlangen is a cozy local affair, and a great opportunity to meet members of the top international groups in computational science and performance engineering. Many thanks to the hosts at both events!

View of the Elbe River in Hamburg

View of the Elbe River in Hamburg



Taking in the view at ICERM (Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics), just before the start of a meeting on exascale algorithms, architectures, and programming [www]. I (Rich) gave a talk on Kent’s preliminary work that is developing a power- and area-constrained model for co-designing algorithms and architectures. Never before have I heard references to work done “30 years ago” than at this meeting, at which very talented, experienced, and knowledgeable computational scientists abound.