Hot Chips ’13

Marat is at Hot Chips 2013 this week presenting his poster entitled, “What a fast FPU means for algorithms: A story of vector elementary functions.” This work lays the foundations for Yeppp!, his new numerical library that embraces the “flops-are-free” mantra to develop new high-speed implementations of functions like log, exp, sin, cos, among others, and polynomial evaluation. A copy of his poster is available here [PDF, 497 KiB].

Marat's Hot Chips 2013 poster (thumbnail)

Marat’s Hot Chips 2013 poster (thumbnail)


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  1. Chris Browning,

    Is there an associated paper with these findings? Would be interested in reading.

    • Rich,

      Thanks for your interest! Marat (mdukhan3 at gatech) has a draft preprint on this work, which we are wrapping up as a tech report to be released soon. If you follow-up with him directly, he may be able to give you an early draft.

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