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GT @ SC’12

The Georgia Tech both at Supercomputing 2012

The happy faces of Georgia Tech HPC at Supercomputing 2012. Please drop by!

The HPC Garage is at Supercomputing 2012! We are here with the rest of the Georgia Tech crew, which overall has a great presence at SC; see the list of talks and birds-of-a-feather sessions at sc12.gatech.edu

CSE Seminar: Energy “rooflines”

We are kicking off the CSE seminar this week, with a short “ideas” talk on the relationship among the time, energy, and power required by an algorithm. This talk features new work by Jee on the energy-based analogue of the time-based roofline model (of Williams, Patterson, and Waterman in CACM, 2009).

You can get the slides hereUpdate: You can also watch the talk here.


Aparna, Jee, and Rich are having East-meets-West moments in Shànghǎi (上海) this week for the IEEE Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS). Aparna and Jee are part of the PhD Forum, and Rich is giving a talk at EduPar-12 and serving as a panelist on the topic of exascale algorithms [IPDPS program].

Neon sign on Romanesque facade on East Nanjing Road in Shanghai

Neon sign on Nánjīng Lù (南京路) in Shànghǎi (上海)


This week, Cong is presenting his work on synthesizing program inverses at the 21st International Conference on Compiler Construction (CC) 2012, in Talinn, Estonia. A program inverse enables speculative parallelization, but also has applications in program debugging and software engineering (e.g., automatically creating “undo” functionality). His paper describes new compiler-based analysis and transformation techniques for the problem, specifically by introducing two new intermediate program representations: a value search graph, which extends single static assignment form to convert the synthesis problem into a graph search problem, and a route graph, which is a subset of the VSG that represents an inverse. Read the gory details below.