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RC’12: gnitupmoC

Cong is in Copenhagen presenting our work on synthesizing program inverses for the case of programs with loops, at RC’12. UPDATE: Slides posted (see link below).

  • Cong Hou, Daniel Quinlan, David Jefferson, Richard Fujimoto, Richard Vuduc. “Loop synthesis for program inversion.” In Proc. 4th Wkshp. Reversible Computation (RC), Copenhagen, Denmark, July 2012. [PDF Preprint | PDF slides]

    Scene from Copenhagen - RC'12, by Cong Hou

    Photo by Cong Hou – https://sites.google.com/site/houcong1984/


This week, Cong is presenting his work on synthesizing program inverses at the 21st International Conference on Compiler Construction (CC) 2012, in Talinn, Estonia. A program inverse enables speculative parallelization, but also has applications in program debugging and software engineering (e.g., automatically creating “undo” functionality). His paper describes new compiler-based analysis and transformation techniques for the problem, specifically by introducing two new intermediate program representations: a value search graph, which extends single static assignment form to convert the synthesis problem into a graph search problem, and a route graph, which is a subset of the VSG that represents an inverse. Read the gory details below.


Cong is giving a talk on program inversion this week at the 16th Workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computing (CPC) [www].

UPDATE: Cong’s slides are here: [PDF]