We are in Warsaw this week for the International Conference on Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics (PPAM) [www]. If you are attending, be sure to see Marat’s talk and Rich’s talk:

  • Marat Dukhan and Richard Vuduc. “Methods for high-throughput computation of elementary functions.” Tue., Sept. 10, Track A, 10:20am – 12:25pm. [Marat’s slides: PDF (5.3 MiB)]
  • Richard Vuduc. “How much (execution) time, energy, and power will my algorithm cost?” Wed., Sept. 11, Invited Keynotes, noon – 1:20pm. [Rich’s materials: Click here]

Beyond these, there are two additional not-to-be-missed Georgia Tech talks: Anita Zakrzewska, a student of David Bader, and Jeff Vetter (ORNL+GT):

  • Jeff Vetter. “Exploring Emerging Technologies in the HPC Co-Design Space.” Tue., Sept. 10, Invited keynote track A, 2:00-3:20pm.
  • Anita Zakrzewska and David Bader. “Measuring the sensitivity of graph metrics to missing data.” Wed., Sept. 11, Track A, 10:20am – noon.
Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw, Poland

Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw, where we held the first day of PPAM’13.

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